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Board of Governors

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is a humanitarian non-profit organization set up under the French Law of 1901. The Annual General Meeting takes place in June. It votes on the chairperson's report, the treasurer's report and elects the members of the Board of Governors and the Steering committee. The 2014 annual report is available on our website and or can be requested by contacting our head office.

Edouard LAGOURGUE  President
Pierre BRUNET Vice-President
Sylvie ROSSET Secretary
Frédéric BOS Treasurer
Peggy PASCAL member
Alain BOINET member
Séverine BONNET member
Yara BURKA member
Bertrand DE TORCY member
Eric GAZEAU member
Thomas HUGONNIER member
Hervé HUTIN member
Véronique LEBOURGEOIS member
Guillaume LE LOUP member
Gildas POIREL member
Frank SENTIER member
Benoît SOURISSEAU member
NB : On the top list, members of Steering Commity (gray background)
Constantin ACHILLAS
Antoine Peigney
Christine Quentin
Philippe GAUTIER
Bernard de la VILLARDIERE
Pierre de la BRETESCHE

There are currently 17 elected members on the Board. the majority are former humanitarian volunteers of the organization who wish to extend their commitment by bringing their experience and skills to the Board on a pro-bono basis. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL's Board of Governors meets five times a year according to an agenda prepared by the Steering committee.

The Steering committee comprises 5 members and is elected within the Board of Governors during the Annual General Meeting. It meets every month. The Steering committee comprises a chairperson, a vice president, a treasurer, a general secretary and one other additional member. The Steering committee verifies the monthly progress of our humanitarian activities and the budget, validates any decisions to intervene in emergency situations or to close existing missions and validates the scope of action and any significant communication campaigns. It is responsible before and answerable to the Board of Governors.

As at 2016, there were 168 active members including 138 subscribers.

The members of the Steering Commity

Edouard LAGOURGUE, President

LAGOURGUE EdouardEdouard is the co-founder of NGO Mission Enfance and was Director of this organisation for 12 years. He has been on many missions throughout various countries (Vietnam, Laos, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Armenia, Burkina-Faso...) building or restoring schools. 

He has been involved in relief work since the beginning of the 1980s and was an expatriate with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in Afghanistan and Pakistan . Since then, he has often collaborated with the organization, particularly in Romania and Iraqi Kurdistan. Elsewhere, Edouard has worked in audiovisual production and communications. Presently, he runs an insurance brokerage firm. 

In his role as member of the SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL Board of Governors, Édouard wants to put to good use his humanitarian experience, his current responsibilities, and finally his knowledge of certain countries and of vulnerable groups.  "Contributing to the future of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL means helping to develop a framework to deliver workable relief solutions – hugely important – and at the same time spreading a spirit of solidarity". 

In 2011, Edouard was elected to the Steering committee. He became President of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in June 2013.

Pierre BRUNET, Vice-President

Pierre BrunetPierre Brunet joined SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL as a volunteer in 1994, after having pursued a career as an independent journalist. He went on several field missions: as a volunteer: first in genocide-afflicted Rwanda, then project coordinator in Sarajevo (Bosnia), and later head of mission in Bosnia, and finally in Afghanistan on a communications mission. He went on to join the communications and fundraising department at SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL's head office, which he headed up for several years, before taking over responsibility for producing external communication materials. At the end of January 2011, after 16 years of service, Pierre Brunet relinquished his full-time responsibilities with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. However, he continues to use his experience to support humanitarian work, something which remains very close to his heart and which for him means “refusing to accept the suffering of others and doing all we can to provide an effective response to it". 

Pierre Brunet is pursuing a writing career and has published three novels. The last one was published in March 2014. Pierre was elected member of the Board at the General Assembly on June 18th 2011 and was reelected at the General Assembly on June 20th 2014.

Sylvie ROSSET, Secretary

Sylvie RossetSylvie comes from a diverse professional background in industry (organizational management, internal auditing, commercial strategy, international contracts) and then in finance (salaried pensions, RFPs).  She initially became involved with relief work, and encountered SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, at the time of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, working with AFRANE and the European Humanitarian Coordination for Afghanistan 

Sylvie has been a valued member of the Board of Governors and then the Steering committee for several years, and in her capacity as Board of Governors member, she has undertaken various field missions ( AfghanistanAngolaIndonesiaKatanga and Kenya ). The values of the organization resonate strongly with Sylvie and she wants to contribute as much as possible to its action. She believes that faced with human tragedies: "never resign yourself to the unacceptable". 

Sylie also sits on the Steering committee and is treasurer since June 2012.

Frédéric BOS, Treasurer

frederic bosFrédéric first joined SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL as a volunteer in Afghanistan in 2002. He was the administrator of the Mazar-e Sharif base. Confronting the humanitarian work reality was a unique experience for him, far from the idealised vision that he had in mind, with its human but also political, philosophical and financial issues.
He keeps a passion for both Afghanistan and its people, and an immense respect for those who dedicate their professional life to help the suffering populations. After this stint as an aid worker, Frédéric returned to a more traditional professional life and created his own financial advisory firm, 10 years ago. His work consists in supporting the SMEs with their fundraising initiatives or their merger and acquisition operations.

Frédéric Bos (39 years old) graduated from ESSEC and from a bachelor degree in Political Sciences. He started his career in 1999 in a Parisian merchant bank, then in London where he currently works on mergers and acquisitions and fundraising transactions for large international companies. 

In 2002, he volunteered for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. He has been running Acetis Finance, a financial advisory firm, since 2005. His mission is to support entrepreneurs working for growth companies with fundraising or merger and acquisition projects

Frederic was elected member of the Board in June 2015.


AE ThionCommitted to humanitarian aid for 15 years, and a member of the SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL team between 2008 and 2013 as food security expert and manager of the technical and program quality department, Peggy Pascal is a qualified agronomy engineer, specialising in tropical areas. Peggy supervised the technical department between 2010 and February 2013.

"Today, I have a good knowledge of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s missions because I travelled to most of the NGOs missions to carry out audits, assessments and training. The last five years I have spent at SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL have been fascinating, and I am very attached to the NGO, and always have real admiration for the work that our teams do every day."
Peggy has often been a spokesperson for the NGO, explaining our missions during international conferences. In June 2013, Peggy was elected to the Board of Governors and the Steering committee of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL.

Crédits : AE Thion 

The members of the Board of Governors


Alain BoinetAlain Boinet is the founder of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. He has been involved in humanitarian work since 1980. Over the past 35 years he has carried out a large number of humanitarian missions, from Afghanistan to Darfur, from The Balkans to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, from emergency response to reconstruction projects.

For Alain, humanitarian work is a calling. This means helping threatened individuals, families and communities, whatever that takes, by meeting their basic needs: water, food and shelter, whilst maintaining respect for their dignity and identity. It means supporting these populations from the emergency phase through to the reconstruction phase, and helping them to regain their independence once the immediate crisis is over. Efficiency is the key driver to success and entails equipping people with essential expertise, tools, practices and organisational skills based on humanitarian values, principles and practices.

One of Alain's roles is spokesperson for the organization. He brings humanitarian work to the attention of decision makers and the media, encouraging debate on a global platform. At the request of Bernard Kouchner, then French Minister for Foreign Affairs, he and Benoit Miribel wrote a report entitled "Assessment and recommendations for emergency and post-emergency humanitarian action", seeking to contribute towards improving the provision of humanitarian relief.  Since 2005 he has been the driving force behind the organization's campaign for access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, and against unclean water which is a leading cause of world mortality. In March 2012, the impact of this campaigning was evident during the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille. Alain is currently writing a book explaining and appraising humanitarian relief work.

Séverine BONNET

S.BONNETWith a business school background and 6 years professional experience working in the retail sector, Séverine has built up considerable expertise in marketing and communication. Alongside her professional life, she has always made time to help others by getting involved in the voluntary sector in France.

After having been on three African missions led by the two medical non-profit organizations, PU and MSF-France, she realized that the knowledge she had gained at grassroots, together with her business skills, could be applied to a key function in the humanitarian sector - funding and fundraising. Séverine left SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL a year and a half ago, after having spent more than 3 years in charge of fundraising and partnerships. Currently she is with “Petits Frères des Pauvres”, responsible for developing large donor relations.

Choosing the right words to explain why she wanted to "commit herself" to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL by joining the Board is not straightforward. She finds it easier to voice what she "doesn't want": to be: just another person on a list, who gives the go ahead on decisions every quarter at the Board meeting without having a clear picture of what SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is doing (at head office and in the missions). Ideally and certainly as far as her mandate in the Board of Governors is concerned, she would like to get involved in fundamental issues, use her professional skills, give some of her time, listen and flag up issues (even when that ruffles feathers!)... In fact whatever it takes to add value to its humanitarian activities and towards the common aim of cultivating a "SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL for tomorrow".


photo YBAfter a double graduation from HEC in 1998 and in Political Sciences in 1999, a strong humanitarian commitment through several missions in South America, a thesis on political risk management by humanitarian agencies and a short career within the Cooperation (Egypt and Congo); Yara joined SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in 2006 for a mission in Afghanistan. He worked in our NGO for three years as a Financial and logistic Coordinator, and then as a Head of Mission. After a year and a half in Iraq working for MSF Switzerland, he renewed his commitment to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL and carried out missions to Mauritania, South Sudan and Kenya/Somalia between 2012 and 2013.

He wishes to put his structural qualities and his field experience at the service of the Board in order to “contribute to the sustainability and the improvement of an organizational model that repeatedly manages to bring together rigour, creativity and independence within a shrinking humanitarian space”. Indeed, the philosophy of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is, above all, to “grow acceptance among people through action and exchange without imposing at all costs an exogenous vision”

Bertrand DE TORCY

Bertrand de TorcyAn agricultural advisor, Bertrand was formerly head and center manager for the Agricultural Co-operative "La Paysanne de l'Indre". He has since worked as a regional engineer for the “Centre” regional office of the National Federation of Agricultural Studies and Development (FNGEDA). Since 2004, he has worked as a facilitator with FNGEDA and is responsible for the regional engineers division.

In 1993, he went on his first assessment mission for a project to revive agricultural activity in an Afghan valley. Since then, Bertrand has undertaken missions for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in Afghanistan and in Burundi . "Having got a taste for this type of work, I then also carried out agricultural program assessments in Libya and the Ivory Coast , and I organized training on behalf of many different organizations aimed at government workers in the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture". His main motivation: helping farmers in struggling countries find a way to live off their land and then to organize themselves into independent collectives.

Bertrand has been a member of the SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL Board of Governors for five years. "I will remain in SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL's service as long as my expertise in agricultural situations is considered to be useful to the organization". Bertrand de Torcy is also the general secretary of the Steering committee.


eric gazeauEric first joined SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in February 1993. He volunteered for two years in our organization, first in Bosnia then in South Sudan. Afterwards, he became a project coordinator in various organisations. In 2000, he took his career in a new direction: human resources.

Eric studied at the European Business Institute. He has been working in humanitarian organizations for 22 years. After several missions in Bosnia, South Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia and Afghanistan, Eric and other humanitarians created the organisation “Résonances Humanitaires” in 2002. Its mandate is to enhance humanitarian commitment in a professional career. Eric became the General Director of “Résonances Humanitaires” in 2004.
He was always committed to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, which is why he applied for the Board in June 2015 and was elected by the active members.


Thomas Hugonnier

Thomas joined SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL's head office towards the end of 2002 as a desk assistant, after completing a masters degree in humanitarian relief from Aix-en-Provence. He then worked on various SOLIDARITÉS missions in Iraq, the Ivory Coast and D.R. Congo, before eventually taking on the role of Head of Mission in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2008.

More recently, Thomas has collaborated with other organizations in Afghanistan (MADERA NGO, The United Nations and ECHO). "These diverse experiences have given me an alternative perspective on SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL's work - as a partner, then as a backer - and to appreciate consistency and efficacy".

These days, Thomas focuses on job creation initiatives in France , at the crossover between the social and environmental sectors. He looks forward to continuing to support the humanitarian effort through the Board of Governors, by sharing his first-hand experience of mission management and humanitarian issues. Thomas was elected to the Board of Governors in the Annual General Meeting on 18 June 2011.


P1010374Hervé Hutin began his career in the consulting and training business, specifically in the entrepreneurship sector. He also worked for Ernst and Young. He currently teaches at the University of Savoy where he created the Masters in “Crisis Analysis and Humanitarian Action”. He is a research fellow for the Center on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding of Geneva (IHEID). He specialises in economic recovery for post-conflict societies, humanitarian devices and relations between institutional capacities and human security in vulnerable states. He has a PhD in Economics and is an Associate Professor in Economics and Management. He also graduated in philosophy, political sciences and public law.

He joined the humanitarian sector with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in 1987. He was a treasurer for the first years and worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was a member of the Board of Directors from 1989 to 2003 and now, since 2013. He was also involved in Human Rights organisations regarding the matters of freedom of speech or election-observation with the OSCE (including Kosovo and Ukraine). Besides, he has been working for the decentralised cooperation since 2009 (Chambery-Ouahigouya).


Veronique LebourgoisAfter seven years working on water and sanitation projects with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, Véronique now works for the Morvan regional natural park - still in the same field, but directed at river preservation.  Since starting out in Serbia and then Burundi , she has continually been looking to build on and improve projects. Subsequently she moved to head office working as a technical consultant.

I am very attached to the SOLIDARITÉS philosophy, and therefore very interested in participating in strategic decisions. It's important for me to stay involved, and joining the Board of Governors is a means to reflect on and participate in the future of the organisation. Certain areas are particularly important to me: technical knowledge-building, training local workers, developing our ability to intervene quickly and collaborating with local partners..."

Guillaume LE LOUP

guillaume leloupGuillaume has a PhD in medicine. He worked for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL during its creation and carried out two humanitarian missions with our NGO. During the outbreak of Ebola in 2014, Guillaume was SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s medical referent in Sierra Leone. His clinical and public health outlook is useful to help prepare the decisions of intervention, offer some guidance on the organization’s future and individual health issues, but also to prevent the risks related to the missions.

Guillaume Le Loup has a PhD in medicine and sciences and graduated in Political Sciences. He specialises in infectious diseases and tropical medicine. He is a clinical practitioner for the Public Hospitals of Paris. He carried out several missions for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL in the 1980s in Afghanistan, Romania and Iraqi Kurdistan. He also was a member of the Board’s organization.

Guillaume was elected member of the Board in June 2015.


Gildas PoirelAfter graduating in business studies, Gildas underwent his military service in the Marine Troops with the Regiment de Marche in Chad . Following on from that, he spent time in Bosnia-Herzegovina with SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, and then he was a timber buyer in Russia , a recruitment consultant and since 2001, an organizational and human resources consultant. His roles within SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL include director for operations in former Yugoslavia, and then heading up the monitoring of program budgets and recruiting expatriates (at head office).  "My experiences in the humanitarian sector began at the end of 1992 and have since centered around SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL."

Gildas is a member of the Steering committee and occupied the Treasurer's post between 2002 and 2011. "I would like to further my commitment, which is driven by my deeply held beliefs - notably that everyone has intrinsic dignity, whatever their family, professional or social situation".


Frank SentierFrank first got involved with the humanitarian sector in 1998. "11 years ago I requested a year's sabbatical from my company, in order to join Solidarités in Kabul. I was taken on as water-sanitation engineer, responsible for getting the purification station of Micro-Rayon up and running again and for building waste networks. In July 1998, the Taliban expelled the NGOs from Kabul. I joined Solidarités in Rwanda , as head of mission, and I also looked after the technical aspects of constructing and rebuilding the drinking water systems". He is pursuing his career in Technip, initially working as a gasoline and natural gas engineer, and now as “a passionate nature and ecology lover” looking after the environmental and health division. Frank is very attached to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL and, as a member of the Board of Governors, he is looking forward to sharing his expertise and working alongside us.


Benoît SouriceauAfter studying agriculture, sociology and rural development, Benoit worked as a technical facilitator for an organization supporting rural families in the Brazilian Amazon for two and a half years. He then made the decision to join SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL where he spent four and a half years on the ground as food security project manager ( Afghanistan and Indonesia) and in charge of mission support ( Angola, the Ivory Coast ).

Since returning to France in 2008, he has been working in organic farming: after a position as technical facilitator for an organization of organic farmers in Corsica, he set himself up as a local artisan baker in his home region ( Maine et Loire).
He has been a member of the Board of Governors since 2009 and he looks forward to continuing to lend his support – in terms of strategic, organisational and technical orientations - especially in Afghanistan, a mission very close to his heart.   "The choices made by the organization are really important to me and I’m very keen to extend my humanitarian commitment to SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, an organization which has taught me a great deal both personally and professionally".

 The Expert members

Constantin ACHILLAS

Constantin Achillas

A 1987 graduate of the Institut de Sciences Paris, graduate of ESSEC with a Master of Financial Techniques, member of the Paris Bar, partner of the international law firm Bryan Cave LLP, Constantin Achillas’s principal activity are in the areas of international litigation and international arbitration on behalf of industrial companies and financial institutions; he has a passion for the Middle East (notably Lebanon and the Emirates) and travels there regularly for both professional and personal reasons.  

Constantin has been appointed as expert member of the Board of Solidarités International in 2015.


Roland Guenoun

A trained psychologist, Roland Guenoun has directed several companies, including Insight, a qualitative study institute in the market and opinion study sector. He has counselled many organisations on their notoriety, image, position and communication, and has teached at Sciences Po Paris.

In the non-profit sector, he has been the Director of Delta 7, Doctors of the World, a treasurer for Doctors of the World, a founding member of the Institut de l’Humanitaire and of La Chaîne de l’Espoir and President of Planète Urgence. He is currently Vice President of the Cerphi (Centre d’Etude et de Recherche sur la Philanthropie) and is an associate of the FundRaising Lab.

Roland Guenoun has been an expert member of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL since June 2015.

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