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SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL operates in three regions: Kabo in the north, near the border with Chad; along the road from Bangui to Cameroon to the north-west of the city (the Boali-Bossembélé axis); and in the region of Kaga Bandoro, in the centre of the country.

Kabo: Emergency aid for people facing food vulnerability

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Kabo, a commercial hub of some 15,000 inhabitants, has often found itself at the heart of the conflicts and uprisings that have shaken the country. As a result, since 2010 Kabo has welcomed several thousand displaced persons from the surrounding villages seeking refuge from the violent acts committed by various armed groups. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL was there to help them settle in the camps by building wells, boreholes and latrines, and through distributions of food, seeds and agricultural tools, enabling them to live in decent conditions while awaiting the opportunity to return home.

2012 and 2013 were difficult years for the population of Kabo: virtually all the crops were lost following flooding in August - September 2012, and due to the crop destruction and security vacuum resulting from the armed conflict. Secondary income-generating opportunities (sale of products from the bush, small livestock farming, sale of processed products) were also substantially reduced due to restricted access to fields and forest resources. Finally, the religious violence that wracked the country from December 2013 triggered new population movements, with the arrival in Kabo and Moyenne Sido (70 km from Kabo) of more than 2,500 Muslims fleeing the violence in Bangui and the west of the country.
Today, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL continues to intervene in the region, helping the following groups of people: inhabitants of Kabo and the villages south of the town, people displaced since 2010, people seeking to return to their home villages north of Kabo, and people who arrived in 2014. An integrated approach has been developed, including activities to stimulate agricultural production (distribution of staple and market crop seeds as well as agricultural inputs), direct or indirect food assistance (cash for work) during the planting season, an animal vaccination campaign (aiming to reduce the tensions between farmers and breeders), and community mobilisation around water point management and hygiene promotion. These activities, funded by a range of donors (CIAA, DG-ECHO and DFID), target more than 4,700 households.

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Bangui-Bossembélé axis (north-west of Bangui): Emergency shelter response

In response to the massive population movements that took place in the wake of December 5th 2013, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL launched a project for the emergency reconstruction of housing, working in a consortium with two other international NGOs.

Rapid response to population movements

Since early 2014, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been part of the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) in the Central African Republic funded by UNICEF, which enables the organisation of emergency distributions of non-food items (tarpaulin, buckets, soaps, etc.) and the building of emergency sanitation infrastructures for newly displaced populations. 

Photos : © Vincent Tremeau / 2014

Last updated - December 2014


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